Package Redesign

Project Brief

The concept behind this project was to redesign and reduce the packaging of a product to make it more environmentally friendly. Deciding to go with the Jello packaging, the next step was to measure out the size of the box and materials and find a way to reduce it.


Jello box packaging is already made in a recyclable material. The biggest issue that came up with redesigning the package was the amount of empty space in the box. By changing the rectangular shape to a triangular shape, the boxes can still be shipped efficiently and stand up properly.

Here are the sketches that led to the final layout of the packaging. Click on the sketches to view more.

Final Product

After measuring and comparing the prototype to the original, a final repackaging was created for the exterior box and packet for the powder.

Here are the comparison images of the prototype and original packaging, as well as the final result. Click on the Jello to view more.