Company Rebranding

Project Brief

The concept behind this project was to redesign the logo for a small company to bring it up to date with a modern look. After a logo was decided on, we were to use it in office supplies mock ups to see if the logo fit with the look the company was going for. From there, we were able to develop a branding guideline to help with advertising the logo and showing where it would appropriately fit.


Miraj Trading is a small company that focuses on trading cards and accessories. After researching their target audience, competition, and their tone and manner, I began sketching ideas related to their biggest seller: Trading Cards.

Here are the sketches that led to the final logo. With the logo completed, I was able to play with the orientation and create proper business stationary, branding guidelines and application in advertisement. Click on the sketches to view more.

Final Product

After three and half months, from the process of recreating the logo to the strategic layout of rebranding, the branding guidelines were completed.

Click on the Logo Branding Guide to view more.